Invest in Croatia

Strategically well-positioned EU member state with a highly-skilled workforce, modern infrastructure and favorable business climate conducive to investment

As the Mediterranean gateway to Central Europe, Croatia is being called upon to play an increasingly important role in linking Asia and Europe. As a member of the European Union, Croatia offers unhindered access to a market of over 500 million people.

Enjoying a favourable geographical position in the centre of Europe, within a two-hour flight to most European capital cities, Croatia offers a modern infrastructure, political and economic stability and good business climate. The Croatian workforce is competent, multilingual and highly educated, while expats praise living in a safe country with a high quality of life. The country is highly digitized, with excellent broadband Internet coverage.

The Croatian legal framework governing foreign investment treats domestic and foreign owned companies equally. Croatian legislation ensures business activities of the EU standard, while the country’s membership of the European Union opens the possibility of co-financing projects with EU funds. In addition, Croatia has signed Agreements for the avoidance of double taxation with over 60 countries worldwide.

Incentives for investors

With the aim of stimulating investments in manufacturing sector activities, technology centres, business support services and high value-added services as well as tourist activities, investors are offered various incentives.

They range from tax incentives, incentives for employment and training, to investment incentives for research and development and innovation activities as well as for capital costs of the investment project. They also include additional incentives for R&D and investment in areas of special state concern.

Investments in the sector of industry, especially in the less-developed parts of the country, are strongly supported in order to stimulate the creation of new job opportunities and preconditions for strengthening export-oriented sectors.

Depending on the amount of investment and the number of newly created workplaces, investors are granted the following incentives:

  • Tax incentives – Partial or full exemption from profit tax for a period of up to 10 years, depending on the amount of the investment. Standard profit tax rates are 12% and 18%.

  • Employment incentives – Up to 18.000 euros per employee, depending on unemployment rate in the investment area.

  • Training Grants – Coverage of up to 70% of employee’s training costs, depending on the type of training and the size of the business.


Key reasons to invest in Croatia:


Cost competitive

Competitive operational costs

Return on investments

Incentives covering up to 45% of investment costs


Attractive tax incentives, double taxation avoidance agreements with numerous countries and 0% customs within the EU.


All of Europe in 2 hours – with its favorable position Croatia is conveniently located for easy access to all European markets


Efficient, innovative, highly qualified and multilingual workforce committed to achievement.

Investment climate

Pro-business oriented environment encourages new investments and ensures stability.

Assistance free of charge

Professional assistance by Government institutions.


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